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Save Time + Money

Speed up the process, every step of the way. A typical RFP can take 100+ hours, but it doesn't have to. A typical RFP Consultant is 4x our price.

Reduce Risk + Improve Results

A quality, well run RFP can and will make a huge difference in the outcome and help you to fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities.

Easy to Use + Flexible

The website is intuitive, simple and well-designed. Customize the system to your needs.


Advisor Search Portal

Search for specialist, pre-vetted investment advisors to include in your RFP.

eRFP + Virtual Guidance

Bring your RFP online, and receive objective assistance from start to finish at varying levels to meet your needs and budget.

Sample RFP Questions

Pick and choose from best-practice RFP questions to save time and make the process more efficient.

Due Diligence Document

Receive a document that summarizes the entire due diligence process to maintain for your records.


It's simple - select your Plan below and get started! Get from start to finish in 4 easy steps, with varying levels of assistance. The InHub solution makes a daunting process simple while saving you time, money and stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses InHub?

Our users range from very large organizations with investment professionals on staff to smaller Committeesof 3-5 people. We work with Investment Committees of Defined Contribution Plans, Defined Benefits Plans, Foundations and Endowments and more. InHub is specifically designed to make the RFP process a little less bumpy.

How are the advisors on InHub selected and screened?

The InHub Advisor Platform is not the yellow pages of every advisory firm (that would be a very, very long list!). It is an exclusive, invite-only list of firms that have met certain guidelines and specialize in working with institutional clients. All advisors have been vetted through an interview to confirm that they have a focus on serving the institutional investor marketplace and are committed to fiduciary best-practices. InHub collects a referral fee only when advisors are hired, so advisors do not pay to be listed on the site. It was designed to help fiduciaries find qualified candidates that they might not have found otherwise.

Can I invite advisors not listed on InHub?

Absolutely. While we maintain a comprehensive, yet exclusive, list of top advisors, we understand that from time-to-time users of the site will have relationships with other advisors they would like to include in the review process. You may send them an invitation to join InHub during the ‘Add Candidates’ step and manage their proposals all online.

Can you elaborate on the 4 step process?

Sure! Here is how it works in a little more detail:
Step 1: Prepare eRFP. Provide background information, select the questions that will help you choose the right advisor, and set the timeline.
Step 2: Invite Candidates. Search for institutional advisors by location, expertise and firm size or add advisors you already know.
Step 3: Evaluate. Invite the Investment Committee members to log on, review submitted proposals, add comments, and vote to progress.
Step 4: Select + Document. After careful evaluation, select the firm you believe is the best fit. InHub will provide you with a report that documents your prudent process for you to maintain in your due diligence folder.
Basically we offer a headache-free RFP.

What levels of assistance do you provide during the RFP process?

Managing the RFP process can be a struggle, let's face it! Committee members are very busy people, so let us take some work off your shoulders. We offer varying levels of 'Concierge' services to meet the needs of different Committees and their budgets. We're not the full-blown consultants, but we'll meet you at the intersection of cost and value.

What if I want to do an RFP for a different vendor?

Our eRFP system is flexible enough to conduct any type of RFP through it! We don't provide you sample questions, candidates or concierge services on other types of RFPs. Usually your Advisor would be running these on your behalf.

More questions?

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The Story Behind InHub

InHub LLC was founded in 2014 by two former investment advisors with the mission of using innovation to give people back their most valuable asset: Time. We’re here to give time back to the CEO's, CFO’s, HR Directors, Executive Directors and other fiduciaries so they can focus on their most important duty: serving their participants and beneficiaries.

We are also pioneering the modern, Advisor RFP - helping Committees take this extremely important process off of the backburner. We do this by offering fiduciaries the technology the need to be efficient, with the concierge services needed to stay on track. Only with a faster, more efficient solution is it reasonable to expect committees to complete this project every few years.

As former consultants ourselves, we have sat on the other side of the table. Now we work closely with retirement plan sponsors, Boards, and other fiduciaries to navigate this complex yet essential process.

Kent Costello


Ariana Amplo


What do people think?

Finding someone to help with our 401(k) Advisor RFP at a reasonable cost was a challenge. We needed some assistance but not a full blown consultant. InHub was the perfect solution.

Taunya Post Director, HR Operations
Hulu, CA

InHub helped us get through the RFP for our 401(k) and pension plan with ease.

Maria Long MGR of Comp & Benefits
Wolverine Advanced Materials, MI

We would recommend InHub to any committee; they've made the process seamless. InHub has taken a long, daunting process into one that they make look easy!

Bethany Heatwole Sr. Retirement Plan Analyst
Rayonier AM, FL

Documentation is critical to demonstrating a prudent due diligence process.

David Donaldson CEO, ERISA SMART, Inc.
Former Department of Labor Investigator

We are enthusiastic about referring plan sponsors to InHub because we know the process is prudent, and the RFP questions we’ll receive are relevant, unique and on point! We are also confident that the concierge service can keep almost any committee on track.

Jason Chepenik Managing Partner
Chepenik Financial

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  • Advisor search portal
  • Sample RFP Questions
  • eRFP tool + virtual tips
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  • Dedicated Concierge Team
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  • Advisor search portal
  • Sample RFP Questions
  • eRFP tool + virtual tips
  • Committee collaboration
  • Due diligence document
  • Dedicated Concierge Team
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  • Advisor search portal
  • Sample RFP Questions
  • eRFP tool + virtual tips
  • Committee collaboration
  • Due diligence document
  • Dedicated Concierge Team
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